Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Engage Hyperthought™!!

My body is exhausted, but my brain is racing a gabillion miles per second. There are half a dozen things I want to blog about, and the ol' gray matter is trying to make them all come out at once. I even jotted down notes so I wouldn't forget any of them. (YAY DORK!!)

Two days back we embarked on a secret adventure. Stephanie discovered this ...thing...called Letterboxing. Apparently it's a lot like Geocaching, only a little different. People go and hide a box with a stamp and a book in it, and then provide clues. You then follow the clues until you find the box, and then place an image of your own stamp in the book, and stamp their stamp into your own keepsake. (I'm explaining it poorly, but it's fun.)

We had to buy our family stamp (we picked a frog) and a book to start collecting the other stamps in, and then we proceeded to follow the clues to our first letterbox. (The site for the North American Letterboxing people is here. A few other people had already left behind their stamps, which was kinda neat. In fact, two of them were from San Diego! Plus the idea that hundreds (thousands??) of people pass this box daily with no clue that it is there just adds to the intrigue and the specialness of the whole ordeal.

The only downside was when we were putting the box back, Saren hit her head on a stairwell. So now we're going to sue the people who put the box there. [tongue]

We do plan on doing other letterboxing adventures in upcoming days. And eventually, we'll of course hide our own box for other people to find. Yay for free and fun things to do!!

Speaking of Saren - the other day we were playing Risk, and at one point she totally proved she was my daughter. She was attacking me. Ontario into Alberta. When I told her the names of the countries, she giggled and said, "Alberta you can't win this fight!" Yay dork!! [grin]

So yesterday before work I was websurfing, and I stumbled across Bush in 30 seconds, a site that is having a contest wherein people are asked to create ads that sum up the Bush administrations policies in a 30 second commercial. I've only watched a few of them, but they're quite creative and a pretty funny.

Then, at work they did a freakin' story on the site! Like I've said before, never underestimate the power of coincidence.

Anywhat, the story was about how the site had originally had two ads that compared Bush to Hitler. (Something I think I've done (vaguely) here before...) The ads were pulled from the competition, never made it on air of television, and (the site that is sponsoring the contest) issued statements saying that they felt that those ads were in poor taste and that the ads were not endorsed by any of them. (Which, duh!. They pulled the ads from the internet. And DUH! the things were created by individuals entering the contest, not the site itself.) But, despite saying all that, my FUCKING NEWS has to go and have a STUPID FUCKING QUESTION OF THE DAY about it. The question of the day was "Did go too far by having ads comparing George Bush to Hitler?"

They didn't!! Jesus Christ people are stupid. I went to the site at work and voted "NO" several times (I'm not sure if it took more than once, but the fact that I could vote multiple times meant I was going to.) I was going to blog about this at work yesterday, and ask everyone here to go to the site and vote 'no', just to try and teach the fuckers a lesson. However, work interferred, and I was unable to blog while there. I suppose there might still be time, if you're so inclined to spend a few seconds of your life. (The last time I checked the results of the poll - last night- "no" had only 35% of the vote. [sigh]) Anywhat the site is here, if you want.

Also work related, apparently THE CEO of Sinclair Broadcasting will be in town next week. Everyone at work seems to think this is some kind of Second Coming or something. I've never met the guy before, but I have a feeling that he's flesh and bone, just like the rest of us. [shrug]

Yesterday, a bunch of monkeys beat the tar out of a giant crocodile type thing. (I beat K.Rool, the final "boss" on Donkey Kong64)

Annika asked what I was trying to do (in response to the other entry, re:HTML) - Two things. One - make a new template. (Stephanie has done a pretty damn good job in that regard, and I'll probably have that implemented later tonight, or tomorrow)
Two - work on ...the project. And that ...well, I've found some stuff out, and while HTML is still sometimes a motherfuck, it's manageable. Speaking of the project - only 3 days until it debuts!

And of course, today is the birthday of Lisa (imissoz). "Lisa, it's your birthday! Happy Birthday, Lisa!" [/Bart Simpson and Michael Jackson]

I had an Alias dream that I originally wanted to blog about, but it's pretty much faded from memory.

And lastly, I must issue thanks to the Jupe for helping me find the Charcter Map. "Yarh!"[/Skully]

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