Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Jupe will like this post.

We ordered pizza from Pizza Hut today, and it was the "4 For All" meal.

What's that? You ask. (I, too, have not seen the ads for it, but I'm sure they'll be coming. This thing is too good for them to not advertise it)

It's a medium square pizza, cut into four mini-personal pizzas. Each of the mini-pizzas is cut into four smaller pieces. AND! each mini-pizza can have it's own individual toppings, up to 3.
Stephanie had green peppers and onions.
Pat had pepperoni and green peppers.
Saren had cheese.
Haprer had pepperoni.


Speaking of "4"... go and find some of your writing, or, just grab a pen and write the number four. Chances are that the four you draw does not look like this: --> 4
The four you drew most likely has an "open" top. But the fours that computers use (look at your keyboard, or at any of the 4s in my blog...or anywhere else online) have the "triangle" top.

I've looked around, and practically everyone draws their fours with the open top.
And practically every four drawn by computers has the closed, triangle top.

I'm convinced that in the future the way we'll be able to tell computers and humans apart is by the 4 test.

In other news, the Steph made a mondo-huge blog entry, and then the computer shut down. [cryingmonkey] Why must technology mock us? WHY!!!?????

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