Monday, January 26, 2004

I'm gonna getchya-getchya-getchya-getchya.

One way or another.

So I didn't brush my hair today. Or yesterday, either. I'm going the au natural route. I look like Jesus. Or Darth Vader....with hair. And a beard. Because I've not shaved in the past four days or so, and I think I'm going to grow my facial hair back out.

Saren and I have spent far too long at the past two days. I suppose they gave themselves that name for a reason, huh? Saren loves SWRON, which is basically that motorcycle game from the movie Tron. ("Has anyone seen the movie Tron?" "No." "No." "No." "No." "No." "Yes....I mean no.")

I prefer the Blockout/Araknoid type games, for mindless fun, and for the ones that require thought, we spent god-only-knows how long playing Chasm (Joe is cute!!) and MOTAS (Mystery of Time and Space). I must go back to the MOTAS game, because it's highly intriguing. And I believe there are others similar to it at that site...

Yesterday I also introduced Saren to the fun that is RPG. I drew a rather small dungeon, then had her roll her dice to determine her Hit Points, Skill, Intelligence, Speed, Magic, Luck, and Silver and Gold levels. Being the DM was fun, but it reminded me of how much my imagination has atrophied. Sheesh, I used to be creative.

Anywhat, Saren loved it, and when we have some cash we'll venture on down to some of the game shops and see if we can find a true D&D (or something like it) manual/starter kit.

Hard to believe that January is almost over. I still haven't finished February's questions, although I've got the first 6...ish done already. Something tells me I'll be creating a lot of non-month-related queries come January 31st...

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