Monday, June 30, 2008


Tomorrow I won't be blogging (go gimmick!) but I wanted to mention the fact that tomorrow is the exact center of the year. Whether you say the year is half empty or half full is, of course, dependent upon your view of things.

Yesterday was the first trip to the library for the LAtZ gimmick, and I have a few thoughts on the matter. But first, here's what I wound up with:

Movie - American Dreamz

CD[s] - In Stitches by The Actual
We Can Breathe Under Alcohol by An Angle

Book[s] - I'm a Believer by Jessica Adams
Flight by Sherman Alexie

Note: Reviews of these will be done next week, and that's when I'll list the items I picked up for the Bs.
Thoughts: I couldn't decide on the CDs and Books, so I wound up getting two of each. Who knows if I'll be able to finish either book in a week's time (especially since I accidentally left I'm a Believer at work. Lotta good it does me there!). I also don't plan on making it a habit of getting more than one piece of work, but, obviously, I'm not opposed to it, if it happens.

Also, I am going to attempt to get things I've not heard/seen/read before, BUT, if next week, I happen to pick up a Beatles album, for example, that won't be so terrible. Heck, this week, the very first CD I looked at was a double-disc of ABBA. Now, I've heard of ABBA, and even enjoy some of their songs, but I didn't pick that up because
1) trying to go with new-to-me artists
2) who needs that much ABBA?

I think also that the music selection will wind up being the most varied in quality. Because with movies and books, you at least have a blurb (usually) telling you what it's about, and you get some sort of idea what to expect. With the CDs, though, we're really going to have to judge them by their covers. And perhaps song titles, if they're listed.

Regarding voting/suggestions from the peanut gallery - I nixed the idea of writing down some of the "B" albums and movies while at the library, because, dude. That's a lot of work. Instead, please note that the library's catalog is online, here, so if you *really* want to recommend something to me, pop over to that site and see if my library even carries it. (Psst, hey Will - they *do* have Zardoz! I'll have to cross my fingers at the end of the year that it's in stock.)
Additionally, the branch we most commonly pick things up from is Green Valley. That, or Whitney.

Also of interest - I mentioned this in my comments earlier, but it bears repeating: Steph is also taking part in this little experiment. Although, as I said, she's going in reverse. She'll also be blogging her experiences, and undoubtedly, also taking suggestions. Just so's ya know.

I'm oddly very excited about this whole endeavor. I seriously don't know about finishing a book (or more!) each week for the remainder of the year (I'm so picky when it comes to books, and it's difficult for me to stick with books I like) but the movie and CDs ought to prove ...interesting.


Anonymous said...

I'll leave my recommendation here, since I'm often not online on weekends, which may be when you officially ask for them.

Because It Is Bitter, and Because It Is My Heart by Joyce Carol Oates. The first two thirds is excellent, the last third not as much, but overall I liked this alot. Also: one of my favorite book titles ever. And: Green Valley carries it! I checked.

Also: a book a week? I wish I could manage that.


Simon said...

Good luck, dear sir. Also, I don't need that much ABBA. Cor blimey.

Amy said...

In that case, I do not recommend that you see "Mamma Mia!".