Sunday, November 17, 2013

We Could Be Heroes 03

She remembered flying. As if in a dream. It must have been a dream, because people can't fly.

She opened her eyes and viewed her surroundings - they were unfamiliar. She was in a white hallway that appeared to extend in both directions for a remarkably long time. The lights in the hallway had started off dim when she woke, but as she sat up they grew brighter enough for her to see. This indicated to her that she was being watched by someone who could, at the very least, control the light settings. She looked up, trying to see a camera, but there was none visible.

"Hello?" her voice cracked in the middle, as though she hadn't used it in a long time.

A barely audible thrumming sound behind her caused her to turn, and she saw the wall form a small indentation about half a foot deep. She stooped down to look into the newly created window, and saw a glass of water resting there. She was deeply suspicious of this, of course, but her thirst won out. She grabbed the glass and gulped the water greedily. It was heaven.

She held the empty glass in her hand, unsure what to do with it. She decided to return it to the cubbyhole that it had shown up in. The moment she did, the wall closed back up.

Where was she?

She looked down the hallway, then down the other direction. "Hello?" she called out. "Thanks for the water," she added softly.

Then, figuring she had nothing else to lose, she started walking.

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