Friday, November 15, 2013

Things I've discovered

  • Writing by hand first helps. The two entries I'm proudest of so far were both written on days when I was able to write a rough(er) draft of them by hand in a notebook before actually blogging. Apparently, writing stuff down first, and then sitting down to type improves the quality (marginally).
  • Stopping the momentum is not a good thing. Spinning 10s (or 1s, to a lesser degree) seemed like such a good idea back at the beginning of the month, but now, when a ten comes up, I'm sad, because that means less words written, and another day where I'm not working on one of the stories. That being said...
  • Working on multiple stories at once is killing my enthusiasm for some of them. Or maybe I'm just finding out that some of the story ideas can't sustain themselves for as long as I thought (We Could Be Heroes, Fast Food of the Gods, and I'm worried about Holy Touch, if it ever comes up.). Others seem like there's plenty to keep mining (Still Life, maybe Nora's Ark...Wolflow and the Vampire Ship story (which still needs a better title) will probably be good ones too... if they ever come up).
  • There is no way I'm going to reach 50,000, or even 25,000, words by the end of the month. Which is fine. At least I'm writing again. 

6437 / 25000 words. 26% done!

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