Saturday, November 16, 2013

Vamp Ship (working title) 01

Anders signed on to the inmate computer, and logged in to his email account.

He knew that his emails were all monitored, which was fine. He was smarter than they were. His code hadn't been cracked by anyone reading the messages.

There were three hundred and seven new emails - it was astonishing (and slightly flattering) how many of the worms still wanted to correspond with the inmates. He supposed a great deal of it was the allure of the unknown. That, coupled with the safety of knowing that he was locked away in his airborne prison, 35,000 feet above them. Of course, that distance was going to be reduced very soon, once Anders put his plan into motion.

Anders clicked on the one email he was most interested in, scanned it's contents, and did the mental calculations to decode it's message. "He will be there."

Anders smiled. Fantastic.

It had been 90 years since he had been caught and put on board the Icarus, but next week he was going to escape. And then there was going to be hell to pay.

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