Wednesday, November 13, 2013

We Could Be Heroes 02

super (ha ha) tired, and not really feeling this story right now (or any of them, sadly) so instead of continuing the narrative from previously, I'm just going to kinda mention what I had wanted to have happen.

We'd find out that Rosemarie's abilities aren't permanent. In fact, they only last for about 24 hours, after which, she is just an ordinary woman once more.

An ordinary woman who is not bullet proof.

Her powers would wear off in the midst of her doing something heroic (hadn't decided what yet - stopping a murder? removing weapons from a war? something along those lines), and she would wind up taking a bullet or two. She wouldn't die right away, but would instead be hospitalized for a couple of days before finally succumbing.

After her powers had left, someone else on the planet inherits them. And they only get the powers for one day as well. Suffice to say that not everyone who becomes a Super has a working moral compass.

Fortunately, most people who get Suped up stick to their own lives and dramas. Especially after it becomes common knowledge that the powers are going to be temporary. AND after seeing how screwed up the lives of the ex-supers wind up - the media, the government, scientists, mobs of fans, mobs of NON-fans, people who want fame, people who want to be saved - all play a whirlwind of factors in not letting anyone who had ever exhibited super powers have much of a chance to return to a normal life.

Originally I had wanted to have this story focus on one person every "chapter" - each one a different person who got Suped up for the day, and how it affected them, and hte ones around them.

There would also be a group (probably would be more than one in the real world) who was trying very very hard to determine a pattern to figure out who would be the next Super and/or trying to find a cure - or a way to make the powers permanent.

The one person gets powers every day "curse" would continue on the planet for one year, and then, suddenly, just stop. At first, people wouldn't be sure - not every person who got Suped would alert themselves to the world, after all - but after a few weeks when no new Supers had made themselves known, the world would finally acknowledge that just as mysteriously as the powers had started, they'd stopped. Life would get somewhat back to normal, a few months would pass, and then, every single person who had been a Hero - all 365 ex-Supers, even the ones that had died - would disappear off the planet. If I spin a 6 again, I guess I'll continue the story from that point.

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