Sunday, November 10, 2013

Fast Food of the Gods 03

Previously - part 1, part 2

We were given a pop quiz on Friday, and I was not enthusiastic about my performance on it, but was looking forward to a 3 x 3 burger from In-N-Out to help take my mind off it. When we arrived, the place was already packed, as usual. I don't think I had ever seen the restaurant with less than 30 people in it, and the drive thru was almost always at least two or three vehicles deep.

As we walked in, there was  a brief power outage.  Actually, it was when Erica stepped in. The lights in the building flickered for about two seconds, causing everyone inside to look up in awe, as people tend to do when they are out in public and a disruption in electricity happens.

"Guess someone forgot," Andy started to quip. Erica finished the thought with him, " pay the power bill this month."

Andy stared at her, momentarily knocked into a rare bout of silence.

"I...didn't realize I was becoming so predictable," he said.

"I knew you were going to say that," I interjected (I was pretty proud of myself for that one - Andy is generally the one who receives accolades for his quick wit - well, and groans for his not so quick wit - but I felt that my bon mot was particularly amusing).

Erica simply smiled and said, "You must have used that one before is all. Why don't you guys go find someplace for us to sit - Richard and Janet and the kids...I mean...that family down at table 17 is about to leave." I looked  around the restaurant and saw a mother and father with a toddler and an infant in one of those bucket seats, but no other families, and they didn't appear to be leaving. Erica continued, "Go. Grab the table. I'll order for us."

Becca began to tell her her order, but Erica cut her off. "Don't worry, Becks. I know what you all want."

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