Wednesday, November 06, 2013

oh, for the sake of momentum

so, yesterday was, obviously, a "10". And today was a "1". Two days in a row where the fictional writing has taken a backseat. Weird.

I spent a good portion of today thinking what I was going to blog about, and didn't really come up with anything suitably interesting. Probably because I'm so out of practice.

I was thinking of changing the #9 story prompt from the Choset story to something different, but I haven't decided what. I suppose I can decide if/when I ever spin a nine, huh? Part of me is against editing the post that I made back then, though, which is silly. That's what edit buttons and changed minds are FOR. [EDIT - yup, went ahead and changed it to "Holy Touch"]

We watched "This Is The End" last night (I don't think I'll do a Haiku Review of it - I'm also out of practice on composing those). It had moments that were very very funny, but overall it was just kinda dumb. Guess there are worse ways to spend two hours.

Hmm. What else?

I was thinking about Doctor Sleep (the latest Stephen King novel) earlier today, and I had something I was going to say about it, but now I've completely forgotten what it was. Ha.

I did reread The Shining a few months before reading Doctor Sleep (since DS is the sequel to The Shining, and I wanted a refresher going in), and I've picked up the Kubrick movie from the library - just need to find time to watch it. Harper wants to view it with me, too. Guess I've been spending a lot of time with the Torrances lately.

Okay, no real good way to wrap this up, since there isn't an overall theme to it - just random stream of consciousness writing, so I guess I'll do what I was going to do every  5 days during the November writing thing and do a word count.

1910 / 25000 words. 8% done!

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