Wednesday, November 20, 2013

These go to eleven

I didn't spin a 10 yesterday, despite not writing.

I spun a 6, but, I was pretty exhausted by the time I got a chance to go online, and I'm just not feeling the Heroes story. at. all.

So, I spun twice today, thinking that I'd make it up. The numbers I spun were 1 (doing it now!) and 5 (...we'll see.)
I really did want to write while at work today, but just didn't get a chance to.

And I am not even UTP@. I am seriously serioulsy beyond that. Like, if UTP@ went to 10...well. yeah.

But the vampire ship story has been on my mind today (since I spun it, after all), I'm just not sure if I have hte mentael capacity to actually contribute anything to it right now. So, this "1" may (leaning toward "will") be today's entry, aftter all.

On the bright side, tomorrow is the one day this week when I get to take the van to work, which means I get to sleep in somewhat, and therefore, presumalby. won't be as tired (don't see how I coupld possibly BE any more tired). So, depending on what number comes up tomorrow...

OH, and I've come up with an idea that's a tweaking of the spinner thing that i think will work better for me, which I hope to implement in December. blah blah blah.

ALl right, i am barely keeping my eyes open at htis point, and I've written, so consider my work here finished. Enough. "Good enough for guv'ment work." ...phrases are weird.

oh, i should do a word count total thing at this point, but...that sounds like too much work, so i'm going to simply say that i'm at 28% now, which sounds ...plausible. (although not super impressive, is it? ah well.)

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