Wednesday, September 28, 2005

What's my motivation?

Yesterday, September 27th, 2005, there was a seminar at the Mandalay Bay Event Arena from 8:00am until 5:00pm. Here's a recap of how my day attending that went.

I arrived at the station around 7:15am. I was going to carpool with Tina. She had told me that she would be in around 7:30.

Around 7:50, she called to let me know that she was still stuck in traffic, and that we would be going with Nancy, who should be arriving at the station shortly.
Nancy is one of the station's top salespeople. She is also a  New Yorker (New Yawkuh?) who stresses about pretty much everything. It's just the way she is. And it's hard to tell, really, if everything is truly stressing her out, or if it's just that she's a high strung personality. Regardless, she is a character who always has something to say and a unique perspective.

8:00 am rolls around, and Tina and Nancy show up. We get into Nancy's car (which was really freaking nice. I am not big on cars - as long as it gets me from point A to point B and back again, I'm happy - but dude. I can see why people spend the extra money on luxury automobiles) and she begins to drive.

I think that they should charge admission to ride along with her. She was weaving in and out of traffic, zipping through the streets and doing things that I didn't think were physically possible in a car. All the while, smoking, talking on her cell phone, and carrying on a conversation with Tina and I. Crazy. Cool.

At one point, we had pulled up behind a company-sized truck that was going to be turning right at a stop sign. The cross traffic didn't stop, so we were going to be sitting there for a while. Nancy put the car in reverse, pulled up beside the truck driver and yelled out Tina's window, "For the love of God, make the right turn already!" As the driver turned, we could see that he was chuckling about it. That's the way Nancy is. Even when she's yelling at you, you can't help but laugh. Um. Except when she's really angry.

Anyway. The Mandalay Bay parking lot was overflowing with vehicles, as was the Luxor's (which is the casino right next door). We opted to park at the Luxor anyway, and after some insane maneuvering around their parking garage, we found a spot at the top of the parking structure. We began to walk toward the Mandalay Bay Event Center, wondering about the seminar. 

The ticket indicated that the speakers would be: Zig Ziglar (listed under MOTIVATION and described as Americas #1 Motivator), Steve Forbes (BUSINESS SKILLS, CEO & Editor Forbes Magazine), Peter Lowe (SUCCESS, America's Success Strategist ), Special Mystery Guest (One of the five most recognizable people on the planet - Newsweek Magazine), Tom Hopkins (SALES,  America's #1Authority on Selling) Michael Powell (ACHIEVEMENT, Legendary FCC Chairman), Joe Montana (TEAMWORK, The NFL's Greatest Quarterback) and Rudolph Giuliani (LEADERSHIP, Former Mayor of New York City). We had heard that the "Special Mystery Guest" was going to be Donald Trump (which is why I wrote that a few days back when I first mentioned this), but it turns out it wasn't.

My other guesses also turned out incorrect. Going off the clue of "One of the five most recognizable people on the planet", I started guessing recognizable people. Jesus Christ? Certainly recognizable. Adolph Hitler? Also very recognizable. However, neither of those people are still on the planet. And I don't know that Hitler would be someone most people would book for a motivational seminar even if he were still alive. (Although, he did have quiet the following...)
Ronald McDonald, perhaps? Mmmm. Cardboard tasting food....
Osama bin Laden? Well...he's recognizable. But his whereabouts are currently unknown, so that was a bit of a stretch.
Sydney Bristow! It had to be her! But wait. How would we recognize her if she were in one of her numerous disguises?
We decided to just wait and see who it would be.

By the time Tina, Nancy and I arrived, it was ...whatever. I'm not gonna recap this now. Fuck I hate myself sometimes. Jesus fuck. Stupid fucking fuck


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