Saturday, September 10, 2005

Tim Burton did the impossible

He made a movie about monkeys that sucked.

Man, that was a nice waste of two hours.

If anyone cares to attempt to explain the "logic" of the ending to me, I'm all ears.

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Anonymous said...

I...actually liked some of this. And the end credits music kicked arse. Although I do feel slightly ashamed for saying so now.

The DVD's packed with extras, you know!

*runs away*


Simon said...

If I may be permitted to borrow a quote, right there with ya, buddy.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think it sucked, but the original is definitely far superior. As to the ending, I'd love to explain it to you, but first someone would have to explain it to me. Yeah, it pretty well left me baffled.

Eh, Tim Burton is overrated anyway.


Lonnie Klamm said...

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