Sunday, September 11, 2005

Do Not Disturb: Global domination in progress

Yesterday, about 24 hours ago, actually, Saren, Harper and I started a game of Risk. Harper was the Yellow Army, Saren chose Red, and I took Black. We dealt out our cards, set up our countries, and began battling.

We stopped after an hour or so, leaving it on the kitchen floor. Oreo did step on the world, but didn't move any of the armies. We returned to the game later that night - after I had watched Saturday Night Fever - and played for another couple of hours. Then Harper wanted to go to bed.

Saren and I weren't quite tired yet, so we opted to keep playing. Each of us would play as Harper when the time arose. However,it was not too long before the Yellow Army was, sadly, no more.

Around midnight, Saren and I had pretty much split the earth. I had all of Australia and North America,and Europe; she had all of Africa, South America and Asia. We carefully lifted the game board onto the kitchen table and went to sleep.

This morning before breakfast, we battled a bit more. In the two hours that we played this morning, Africa changed hands twice (currently she owns it, but my European forces are eyeing Egypt hungrily) and I had to rewin Australia from her.

We're still not done.

But I must say that it's amusing (and pride..y?) that Saren has taken such a strong liking to the game of Risk. When I was young, Risk was one of my favorite board games too. She's got so many of my traits. It's pretty frightening, sometimes.
We'll just have to be extra careful with her and make sure she doesn't end up as screwed up as I did.

In the meantime, I think I better get back to the task of eliminating the insurgents. Pesky Red Army.

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Simon said...

This is such a cool story. I can't help but feel it would be improved if I knew how to play Risk.