Saturday, September 24, 2005

no pause

Yesterday was interesting. The tour of Meadow Gold Dairy was really cool. Especially since they don't normally do tours for the public. We all had to wear hairnets, and I had to wear a beardnet. (!! I didn't even know such things existed until yesterday. Live and learn, I guess.)

Um. I'd go into details about the tour, but while it was interesting, I really don't want to type it all up right now. Sorry.

Right now, in fact, I want nothing more than to go back to sleep. Or get a Pepsi. Or burn down a building or five. Something.

Oh! On Tuesday of next week, there is a hoity-toity seminar type of thing going on at Mandalay Bay. It's an all day event and some of the speakers are going to be folks like Donald Trump, Rudy Gulliani (no doubt spelled differently, but I can't be arsed to google up his name) and Steve Forbes. A whole bunch of us from the station (myself included) have somehow managed to get invited to this thing. Huh.
If I don't go insane from the atmosphere and/or the amount of Takerness, it might be pretty interesting. Hopefully Tuesday night I will be more alert than now and I'll give a full (ish) report.

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Simon said...

Dude, you just said you "couldn't be arsed" to do something. You are now an honorary Brit! Yay!