Thursday, September 29, 2005


Last night's Lost was an extremely mundane episode! It more or less screamed out Meh!! I'll keep watching anyway!!!

Spoilers for Adrift - highlight to view  (and don't worry, it'll be brief):

Sawyer is Spike. Hate him. Can't wait for him to die. Which means he won't. He'll probably end up trying to rape Claire who will fall in love with him. After he gets his soul. Blech.

This episode was like ..only half an episode. Because a good portion of what we saw we already knew was going to happen!!! Maybe they wanted the viewers to feel psychic, so we could relate to Walt better? But, dude. They reshow Locke going down the hatch, they reshow the face-off between Desmond and Jack, and we KNEW that Michael wasn't going to get custody of Walt, so what the hell was the purpose of the flashback? Gah!

On the bright side, I loved Locke's psychoticness. "Are you him?" "Yes. Yes I am." Hee! Apparently he's watched Ghostbusters. And the entire hatch of the 70s is, right now, very intriguing. Why did Desmond need Locke to enter the numbers on the computer? Hmm.

And of course, the Others. Yay for creepiness!! Now, will these turn out to be the true others, or the other half of the plane? Or a little bit from column A, a little bit from Column B? We'll find out next week, maybe.

End of spoilers.

stuff. In other news, I am SO glad that it's payday tomorrow. Money solves everything. nothing. stuff.


Stephanie said...

The whole Michael doesn't get custody of Walt and pretty much gives up without a fight flashback is to illustrate why he's so upset that Walt has been taken away from him (again) and is so determined to get him back. He feels he failed Walt then, but won't fail him again.

Amy said...

I'm pretty sure that Locke needed to enter the numbers because the other guy couldn't, as that would mean having to stop pointing the gun at Locke.

Min said...

Is Walt psychic then? [/only watched the show for the past two episodes]

Amanda said...

I missed recording the first twenty minutes. Yay for not missing anything!

P@ said...

Min - It's been heavily implied. If you get a chance, watch the first season episode entitled "Special". It has a good deal of circumstancial evidence pointing to Walt's abilities.