Saturday, September 03, 2005

Experiment in conspiracy

Go to Google Images.

Type in "Katrina dead" or "Katrina victims" or "New Orleans disaster" or "Katrina aftermath" or "bush hurricane" (pops up images from Hurricane Ivan - a year ago) or "bush hurricane katrina" (nothing) or "hurricane katrina new orleans" or, hell, take your pick on the word choice.

What. The. Fuck.

There are NO images relating to this on Google Images?


In semi related news, according to a report I read, people are NOT allowed to leave the New Orleans Convention Center. If they get to the perimeter, they're turned back. Yup. 30,000 people locked in with shit, dead, urine.

Another report on television said that some police falsified the reports of shooters. (Although just you wait, the Bush administration will use the "looters shooting at relief efforts" as the excuse (or one of) for why it took so long to get aid to the people. And coincidentally, now that "they shot first", that gives the government "the right" to declare martial law. Lovely.)

Kanye West's little outburst on the NBC concert pledge was apparently edited for the West Coast. (West didn't follow his script, and had a tiarade about the way the media presents black people as "looting", white people as "finding food", and how now they've got orders to go in and shoot us, and how he is just as bad, since he went shopping before even donating any money. His voice cracked during this, and it was one of the more real moments from that program.) Anyway, the part they editted was his first lines where he said, "George Bush doesn't care about us." On our TVs it aired as "..they don't care about us." The rest of it aired untouched.

I... man. This whole situation is fucked. And I still need to make my "Fall TV Season Preview" blog entry. And take the car to be fixed. And bury my head in the sand. This entry has gotten longer than I expected it to be, but the Katrina fallout has just hit a nerve, I guess.

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