Monday, September 26, 2005

What do you do all day?

For anyone that has ever wondered what it is, exactly, that my job entails, I now present a copy of the Position Results Description sheet. (These PRDs are given to all the employees once a year as an evaluation of how they have been performing in their positions. Sadly, I don't have one from Master Control so I can't transcribe what I used to do all day (officially). But I do have the Programming Assistant's PRD. Hooray!)

MAJOR GOAL: To assist in the day to day operations of the Programming Department. Ensure a smooth flow of information regarding Programming to all related personnel.

KEY RESULT AREA #1: Listing Services

  1. Weekly program schedule sent out to all listing services Monday of each week. Schedules to be six weeks out.
  2.  Update and send out any program changes to listing services.
  3. Send schedule and program change information to Nielsen and company central programming/promotions on a weekly basis.
  4. Monitor accuracy of television guide listings and Nielsen overnights.

KEY RESULT AREA #2: Program Schedules
  1. Prepare and distribute quarterly movie and sports schedules with approval from Program Manager. Update as changes occur.
  2. Input into PALAS all movies, sports and special commitments for quarter.
  3. Schedule episodes for all barter and cash programming. Reviewed by Program Manager to ensure proper usage.
  4. Notify all related departments of any network or syndicated program changes.
  5. Update all program changes in PALAS and in house HTML schedules.
  6. Print out updated program schedules for Traffic Department. This will be done on a weekly basis.
  7. Provide back up programming information for all sporting events.
  8. Notify PALAS help of any scheduling issues in system.
KEY RESULT AREA #3: Receive and Handle Viewer and Distributor Telephone Calls
  1. Receive viewer calls and handle in courteous and informative manner.
  2. Update receptionist as needed with program contact numbers and addresses.
  3. Answer questions from program distributors.

KEY RESULT AREA #4: Movie Scheduling and Booking
  1. Organize and maintain movie tape library. Perform monthly purge of unneeded films.
  2. Convert all applicable barter movies to cash formats.
  3. Maintain movie timing sheet books.
  4. Provide usage information and certificate of erasure to distributors as requested.
  5. Edit movies to proper length and produce timing sheet for each film.
  6. Ensure scheduled movies are in house and timed or formatted at least two weeks prior to air. Order movies via least expensive method.

  1. Screen all applicable weekly programs, cash and barter movies as assigned by Sinclair OBIN Coordinator.
  2. Notify OBIN coordinator of any issues with above programs and barter movies.
  3. Edit programs and movies to remove inappropriate content to ensure they meet company OBIN standards.
  4. Keep up to date on any new OBIN policies and procedures as assigned by Sinclair OBIN Coordinator.

KEY RESULT AREA  #6: Program Documentation

  1. Ensure that contract files are kept up to date with latest information.
  2. Distribute related documentation to appropriate personnel including, updated satellite feed schedules, information on upcoming specials and sporting event information.

  1. Perform other duties as needed.
  2. Cover for Satellite Coordinator while not in the office.
  3. Review discrepancy reports daily, and update programming system as needed.

Yay. Proof positive that I matter to the Company. Aww. The Man cares about me. Or, rather, about whatever cog gets put into this position.

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Anonymous said...

Blimey. I trust you do all this to the letter?