Tuesday, September 07, 2004

You promised me the ending would be clear

So I'm in a better mood than last time I blogged (how could I not be??) so this should be a much more positive entry (there's only so much raging against the machine one can take, right?)

(Now you do what they told ya. Now you're under control.)

I'm still reading It. I don't know how I feel about that book. It definitely could've been shorter.

Last night we dined at Souper Salad, which once upon a time was a decent place to eat. "What happened to you, Souper Salad? You used to be cool." In it's defense, it was pretty close to closing time for them. But still, for 22 bucks, it should've been better. Souper Salad, for those not in the know, is a salad and soup buffet place. You pay your five bucks (or whatever it costs) and you get all you can eat salad, soup, bread, etc. In times past, it was more tasty than last night.

The fun parts, though: The power went out. While we were eating, the lights had flickered several times, and I had thought to myself, "I wonder what they would do if the power did go out." (I find myself thinking about that type of thing a lot. "What will we do when the whole grid goes down?" "What will the reaction be once the...well, you get the idea.
Anywhat, the power went out, shortly before we were going to get dessert. Yay! It's really neat being in the dark in public places. There's a time when everyone pauses, takes a moment to realize, "dude. That constant light we take for granted? Not so constant."
And then there is waiting. Waiting until the power comes back on. Because it always does.

And, yeah, it did. And this entry is not turning out as positive (or as interesting!) as I had hoped.

THe other good (um...except that it wasn't) part of the dinner at Souper Salad was that I am an idiot.

One of the dishes they had was labelled "Mustard Potato Salad". That sounded pretty yummy to me, so I scooped it up onto my plate, and gave it no more thought.

Then, while eating it (and it was quite good), I saw something that at first my brain tried to explain away as being either a carrot or maybe a tomato slice. I didn't eat it, because some other part of my mind said, "No. That's a shrimp."

I stopped eating the Mustard Potato Salad, and asked Stephanie - "That's a shrimp, right?" She said, "yeah", and to make a long story shorter, it turned out that what I thought was Mustard Potato Salad was in fact "Fisherman's" ...something. It contained shrimp, crab, noodles, blah blah blah.
Long story short (too late) it became increasingly difficult for me to swallow, and I felt (briefly) that we might have to run to the hospital. We didn't, and I survived (obviously!) But I was thinking, if I ever want to go out in style, I will just need to pile on the shellfish. Because, dude, crab meat is really good.
Of course, it wouldn't take much. I had three bites of the Fisherman's stuff, and that was nearly enough.

In other news, we watched Spirited Away the other night. Quite impressive, although I wondered why Giro (sp??) would want to go back to her parents. But, yeah, the animation was pretty darn cool, and the story was, overall, a really good one.
We also got around to watching Whale Rider, which I enjoyed, but I think I should've waited to watch it. We saw it last night, and I couldn't concentrate very well. (Due in part to the allergic reaction I was having) Still got goosebumps, though.

It feels weird to have to go back to work again. My two days off each week seem to go by faster than anything.

ooh! And as a tie-in to the title, we bought Labyrinth on DVD yesterday. Have yet to watch it. Maybe we'll do that tonight.


Mindi Scott said...

There's a time when everyone pauses, takes a moment to realize, "dude. That constant light we take for granted? Not so constant."
And then there is waiting. Waiting until the power comes back on. Because it always does.
I like this. It reminds me of just what it's like. Because it is.

Yikes! You're deathly allergic to shellfish? Be careful, man.

At least you aren't allergic to nuts. I think that would be one of the hardest things to be allergic to because they are secretly added to like everything.

Simon said...

I like the idea of Souper Salad. It sounds very healthy, and I'm getting back into healthy at the moment.

The next time they're there, ask if they're coming to England for me!

Jess said...

I remember when we had a town-wide power outage in College Station. It was during the day, but we were going out for lunch and they had no refrigeration. It was all everyone could talk about.

Giro = Chihiro. I suppose she loved her parents, and that they weren't always pigs. Plus, were that lot in the bath house any better?

Eileen said...

Yes, you must watch Labyrinth. It is of the good!

P@ said...

You're right, Jess. I think my objection/confusion to her returning to her parents was caused by the fact that in the small slice of her family life we saw, her parents said NOTHING positive to her. However, like you said, the Bath House wasn't all rainbows and puppies either. ;)

Jess said...

I was thinking about this today, and while I stand by what I said about the Bath House being just as bad, I found it interesting that the film was about Chihiro's growth as a person - from the whining brat at the beginning, she starts to show the strength she had all along but had never had the opportunity to reveal. But the parents, who are equally dysfunctional in their reactions to her, never get the chance to grow, because they spend the whole time obliviously scoffing pig chow. It's a pretty pro-kid view, but it's sad that the parents didn't learn anything from the experience.

Also, I laughed because I know how to spell Chihiro from watching subtitles, so I'm guessing you saw the dubbed version. (Essential for kiddies, I'd have thought.)