Tuesday, September 14, 2004

37 USA

I love letters.
Having Jupe as my pen-pal for the past however long it's been has been revigorating. I've been writing more - actual physical pen on paper writing, not this recycled electron crap [wink] - and getting letters in the mail is AWESOME. (Trust me, it's so much better getting a letter in the mail than getting another notice telling me (or Steph, most likely) that we are "pre-approved".)

The worst part, though, is the waiting. Email and IM and PM and blogging and phone calls have all made us rather impatient. But there's something ...reassuring? ..about holding a letter that someone has spent time and effort on, you know?

Anywhat, I've doubled my pen-pal membership today! I have decided that I am going to start writing to Simon as well as Amy. Jolly good! Although I guess that might be more expensive, stamp-wise, but still. Yay for international friendships!

Oh, and speaking of stamps, I wanted to talk about this site where you can make your own personalized stamps! How cool is that?!?

I think once civilization collapses, the post office will be one of the things I miss the most.

Lastly related to the whole letter-writing motif, I wanted to say that if anyone else out there wants to join my ever increasing circle of pen-pals, I'm all inclusive. If I don't have your address (or you don't have mine) just contact me and we'll get that situation remedied. [up]

And in other news, why the hell is my blogger time off by an hour? It's not after 1pm. Yet.


Jess said...

The postal service is fraught with guilt for me. Damn, I should get around to writing to X, Y, and Z...

Lisa said...

This is almost inspirational. I've been trying to settle on someone to start writing to again 'cause I've been missing actual post. I don't know if I can stand do it internationally though, what with the waiting thing.

Katy said...

'I think once civilization collapses, the post office will be one of the things I miss the most.'

But, haven't you read 'The Motel of the Mysteries'? The post office is precisely why civilisation collapses!

I'd offer my services as penpal, but I know myself. It would only end in tears and feelings of rejection. Sorry.

Simon said...

I await with patience! Yay!

Amy said...

Dude, that stamp thing is awesome!

But seriously, if you were to, say, put your spish on a stamp, that letter is definitely getting tampered with. You are not trusted by the government!!