Monday, September 27, 2004

What's the big idea?

My friends, I am, if nothing else, a man of ideas.

Okay, I'm a lot more than that, but my ideas are one of the things I like most about myself.

Recently, I decided that keeping my ideas to myself is no good. I should set them free, let them into the wild and see how they pollenate. Or amuse. Or something.

So, here are some of my thoughts on ...stuff. Feel free to rate them, or criticize them, or add your own. None of them are meant to be (entirely) serious (or are they?) so it won't hurt my feelings if you tell me why it would never work, or that I'm insane, or whathaveyou. On we go.


  • Peanut butter and jelly burritos.

  • Jack-o-melon! Instead of carving pumpkins for Halloween, carve watermelons.

  • Edible shampoo. Eat breakfast while showering! Plus, the shampoos already are made in strawberry, apple, orange, etc scents, so why not flavored as well?


  • Pendragon - a show about King Arthur. Maybe as a teen. WB, are you paying attention?

  • Spin Cycle - a comedy (or drama, whatever) set in a laundromat. Think of all the guest star possiblities!

  • The Bible. That book has not been mined for the television possiblities, much to my dismay. A show about Jesus? Or Moses? Or Whoses? Totally there, man. Totally there.

  • Who Wants To Kill A Milionaire? - My only idea for "reality" TV. A televised paintball game wherein the "survivor" wins the pot. Even better if it's set in a shopping mall.

  • Ape10 - A series about a shapeshifting ape, a robot, and a zombie time travelling while fighting The Man? It would either be the highest rated show ever, or cancelled halfway through it's first episode..


Jess said...

PB&J burritos: why the hell not? Unless you meant with the meat and stuff in as well, in which case: just, no.

Jack-o-melons: for most places, Hallowe'en isn't really melon season, is it? The whole pumpkin thing is a seasonal one. But if you can get melons, which if you live near a supermarket I'm sure you can, why the hell not? Heath and I are going to buy a fake pumpkin this year so that the fruit of our labour is still around next year. (I once made a really good Jack-Skellington-o-lantern and want to recreate it.)

Edible shampoo could be dangerous for small children when they come across non-edible versions. Maybe. You're the one with small children, dude.

TV: I don't know.

Amy said...

General Thoughts and Ratings for Thoughts Episode 1.1, "Food"Hmm, I dunno. Maybe a 6.5.

I was conflicted about the burritos. I mean, I don't reaaly like burritos. However, I do enjoy peanut butter and jelly. Maybe if they gave us more information, but, I don't know, it's open-ended, so I don't want to make my own conclusions. Jess mentioned that the pumpkins might be because of seasons, and I agree with that. Plus, pumpkins have always been my favorite characters. But then, shouldn't I want them to not get cut up? Anyway, I think it may be too much to ask for people to accept seasonal melon carving. Maybe if you started out with, say, Acorn-Squash-o-lanterns or something.

I really like the edible shampoo idea, I just don't know how it would work if they try to do it. It reminds me of something that would be advertised like: "EDIBLE SHAMPOO! DELICIOUS AND NUTRITIOUS!" and then on fine print on the back of the bottle it would say "Do not eat."

General Thoughts and Ratings for Thoughts Episode 1.2, "TV"Oh, 9.5. This was totally a great episode. I think "Kill A Millionaire" might be misleading, though. I mean, it could turn away viewers.

Oh who am I kidding. It will totally get more viewers.

May HBO could pick up The Bible. It's all full of whores and swearing, and they love that stuff. I smell the blood of a Golden Globe.

Amy said...
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Simon said...

Mental note: steal his idea.

Stephanie said...

Dear Jess, Amy, and Simon. I'm sorry. Those answers are incorrect. The correct response is [rolleyes]. Also acceptable: [ROLLEYES!!]

However Amy gets extra credit for saying "open-ended" whilst talking about burritos.

The end.

Lucas said...

Dude, pollinating ideas. Love it.

Oh, and [ROLLEYES!!!!].

See, I got the right answer. Oh yeah.

My idea is for flavoured stamp glue. Thoughts?

P@ said...

I thought that the post office already had flavored stamp-glue. Or maybe I just imagined they did, because it's such a good idea.

Eileen said...


Funny you should mention that. When my friends and I have a party, we do the following:

Get a melon. Stick some sausages, pickled onions and cheese (or anything else you want to put in it) on sticks and then shove them in the melon. For extra pizzaz you can cut a whole on the top of the melon and then feed a bottle of rum or vodka into it so that when the sticks are finished you can cut the drink enhanced melon open and eat it. It's bloody strong!

We call it Jareth! ;)