Saturday, September 11, 2004


Finished It. Bah. Not King's best work, although there were certainly moments of magic in there. But, really, did that book even have an editor?

I'm now reading The Alien Years, and even though I'm only 12 pages in, I've got an uneasy feeling that I'm going to be disappointed. Maybe I just need to lower my standards. ;-)

I've had the same four songs or so running through my head for about two weeks now. "Across The Universe", "Thunderbird", "Memo to Human Resources", "Fall Dog Bombs The Moon"

I'm nothing if not ecclectic, I guess.

My dream last night was boring, but the best quote from it: "In a decision that is neither John Wayne nor John Wayne Gacy..."
Yeah, I don't know what it means, exactly, either, but I liked it. Or liked it enough to make sure I blogged about it.

Sign seen a few days ago:

Free Car Wash
Sept. 11

"Nothing's gonna change my world.
Nothing's gonna change my world."

I should look up the meaning of Jai guru deva om. I mean, if it's gonna be inside my brain, I should know what it means, right?

Tuesday and Thursday of this week John Bush and George Kerry are coming back to Vegas. Yippe! That means traffic will be doubly horrific on those days! Thanks a ton, Democratic Process!

Reading the Weeklies I have seen the Fall Preview of movies this year, and I must say that I'm pretty underwhelmed. I don't think any one particular film stands out as being "Must See". Again, maybe I just need to lower my standards.



Simon said...

Across The Universe is one of my favourite songs. It's beautiful.

Amy said...

If your dream were up against other dreams on a show called Last Dream Standing, it would win. [/I have no idea what I'm talking about]

Meghan said...

... maybe I just need to lower my standards.Truly, one of the best ways to find peace and satisfaction.

Anonymous said...

"jai guru deva om" has no meaning