Monday, August 16, 2004

This entry may not change anything.

Whilst discussing the upcoming revamping of Stephanie's blog (once the baby is born, she'll need a new title, as there will be 3 of 2...) I came up with this little tidbit:

"Why not 'Clouds in My Coffee'? You can have the description say: "I'm so vain, I bet you think this blog is about me.""


So, this website will change your life, supposedly. It's based upon the book, "This Book Will Change Your Life", which I've skimmed through while at the bookstore. (And if anyone wants to buy me, I won't object. But I'd rather have this one, if you're in the buying mood...) The book is a spoof on self-help books. It has 365 things for you to accomplish. If you do each one, the book says, you will become famous. An example of one of the things (and I'm going from memory here):

  • Count the number of buses you see on your way to work.
  • Multiply that number by 3.
  • Divide that number by 2.
  • Buy that many candy bars.
  • Give the candy bars to complete strangers.
  • Write down exactly what the people say to you on index cards.
  • Find random address from the phone book.
  • Mail the cards.
  • Wait.

Last night while trying to sleep, my brain had this little dialouge:
"You're not a decent person, P@."
"Working on it."

My brain is a strange and mysterious place.

And, one last thing on the subject of change - Saren is now 7 years old. Crazy.


Jess said...

Won't it be 5 of 2, going on the same pattern as the current title?

In my opinion, you shouldn't try to be decent, as it would be a step downward. (Plus, what's wrong with indecent? ;) )

Meghan said...

Yeah... who ever said "decent" was the measure of a man?

Amy said...

I think you're a super great person. And I've met you, so I'd know. [fit of giggles!]

Simon said...

I remember making a post about things my brain and I said to each other. Annika moved it onto the WD.

Your brain came up with the best possible response, I think. And, if you're not a decent person, there's not much hope for some other people.