Monday, April 14, 2003

If I ever meet mayhem, I may die of lack of oxygen to the brain. I don't think he's human. He's just too funny.

I was thinking earlier today that it seems like there's some easy-all-encompassing solution to humanity's ills, if we could just figure it out.
It's not religion. Cause we've seen how well that works. [rolleyes]
It's not politics either. (ya hear that, Washington? [the place, not the president])

It could be sex. I mean, the bonobos seem to have used that pretty succesfully. But sex and children are, despite what The_Witch might say, not supposed to mix, and that leaves them out of the solution. The answer I'm looking for includes everyone. So, sex, while close, isn't the answer.

My next option? Laughter. And while I think that laughter, like sex, has near-universal appeal, not everyone has the same sense of humor. (as evident by the comments in my entry two ...entries ago.) Also, there are some people who have no sense of humor at all. (see some folks on the WD for proof positive of this) Hmm. So looks like funny is off the list. How sad. (hee! I crack myself up.)

So maybe it's music. Music is supposedly a universal language. And I suppose, in many ways, it is. Unless you're deaf. Or don't speak the language that the song is sung in. Or just tune it out. I mean, much as I love Bobby McFerrin's "Don't Worry, Be Happy.", if I'm in a bad mood, and determined to stay there, not even his crooning will get me out of my funk.

So what else do we all have in common? What is our link to each other that we all must recognize in order to transcend?

I think it's violence. War and killing and death and destruction and cruelty and meanness. That will be our saving grace. It's what we're good at. It's why we're here. Hurrah for violence!

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