Thursday, March 27, 2003

This War on the Senses that CNN is conducting does have some amusing points. Like today, when some computer hackers hacked into Al-Jazera's website and changed the homepage to an American flag.
And something about how other people trying to get to that site were redirected to porn. [laughing head]

Damn. I wanted to talk about something other than that three letter word that everyone is talking about, but I've got nothing.

We watched Quantum Leap today on SciFi. It was the last episode in the "evil leaper" trilogy. The problem with most television shows (okay, every television show) is that stuff just can't be explained well enough. We never find out what happened to Alia, or why Lothos existed at all.

But the cool thing was that Sweet (Hinton Battle) was in it as a hologram (just like Al). And the episode even had someone say the line, "It's showtime." Heee! [/geek]

I mowed the front lawn today, and I still smell faintly of grass. It makes me feel all manly. [rolleyes]

I wanted today to be a no internet day, but look how well that turned out. Oh well. Resolve is for the weak. Or something.

I hope the final episodes of Buffy provide some Shock and Awe.

You have NO IDEA how much I want money right now. [SIGH!!]

I go back to work in a week. Bleah.

Got mail from Loki today! Wooooo! I love getting mail. I should write some letters. But
a) my writing is horrific
b) I've got nil to say
c) I have no option C. [wink]

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