Thursday, March 06, 2003

The triumphant return of UTP@!!

I suppose that hsould have been bold instead of italics, but ..what's the word? meh. Yes, that's it.

Yup, our favorite anti-hero, UTP@, has returned. (First time this year, if memory serves. ANd I think it doesn't. [wnk])

You'll notice that UTP@ makes typos quite a bit. That's because I'm too tired to correct them as I make htme. (For the most post. Um. Most part.)
Also, ra...UTP@ tends to have less of a blocker between things he thinks and theings he types. Yay for lowered inhibitions! Yay for achieving it without the use of alchol. Not that ther'es anything wrogn with alcohol. Or with being tired. As ...Jess said (somewhere) "Sleep is overrated."

Interesting (not really) things I noticed in the world of internet today:
Geswho said that I'm not posting enough! Dude! SOmeone notices/d my posts. And lack thereof. I'm touched. I would say to geswho that will be posting more ...eventually. OR I would jsut say, Dude. Read my blog. I talk there. [tongueyes]

Also, in the review thread for Salvage some people were discussing what 5 by 5 meant. If I were unspoiled and read that, I'd have to be pretty brain dead to not realize that a certain character was back. Idiots.
I know that me and chainsaw and bettie are all the same person (long story) but I just whanted to say that Soupy is fucking funny.

We watched the movie Spiders on SciFi tonight. Holy crap, that movie was AWESOME! It's a flick that is totally all not even real. Or something. POint in case: Nerdy heroine woman has glasses at the start of the movie, about 20 minutes in, she loses the glasses, and they even show "fuzzy cam" from her point of view.
Throughout the rest of the movie, she can see just fine.

Also, boobs.

What was cool? OH! SPringer, as in Jerry. THat show...dude. It's something I chousldn't wathc, but MAN! It's just too ...something. Ya know? If ou've ever seen it before, then you know exactly what I mean. ALthough to make it better, what they shoudl do is, whenever people fight, instead of editing the hits out, or cutting to audience reaction, they should throw in computer graphics ala the '60's Batman series.

It would be the greatest thing ever!

Wha't the only pyramid named in the BIble? I'll tell you. It's the Tower of Babel. That' is almost a rhyme. Of some sort.
God, UTP@ Talks a LOT.
Oreo talks a lot too. Talkatige cat.
Hey! Jupe and Beth are online. Will they IN me? They've not yet. BGut maybe I'll just keep on talking enstead they do.

Wow. I'm so tired.
Oh yeah. The other weird thing. IT was weird to read the review thread and NOT see thorsdad's review. [frown] His was one of hte people's I'd seek out to see what they had to say.

Heee. This show is hilarious. It's saying how God was not impressed about the Tower of Babel. And how cigarettes are unique among the ...something. I odn't know. Steph watches weird stuff.

"I'm totally groovin"

Blah. I think I've talked enough. Maybe I'll talk now to Jupe and or MeJupe. (heee. MeJupe!!!)

Invented poverty?!

Also, I hope we survive this war thing. Stupid war. [grrrr]

That's all. Sleep now.

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