Saturday, March 15, 2003

My wife is sick. This SUCKS!!

My daughters are, I think, pretty much over the sickness. That's good news, although the fact that they got sick at all bothered me. Especially since I was the one who (most likely) got them sick. Not that I have been sick. My coworkers all have been coming down with stuff and/or coming in with stuff ([rolleyes]) for the past two or three weeks. Thus far, I'm the only one who hasn't caught this particular nasty virus. It's kinda freaky, actually. I mean, I'm glad I'm not getting sick, but dude. If I am the epitome of health, we're doomed.

In other news, tonight we'll watch Alias and tomorrow Steph will watch Children of Dune (I don't know either.)

Man, I still haven't written my GAP interview. Gah. Laziness.

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