Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Stop and smell the smoke

The Price is Right, yloponom, dishes, downloading songs, playing Kingdom of Loathing, writing emails, looking at maps, pokemon and pepsi, singing xmas songs, my dad's unemployed, doubts and worries, regrets and stories, built to spill and ben folds five, the gop and the dnc, elements, chemicals, atoms, metanoia, metroid, gamecube, xbox, dreams of resident evil 2, post offices, zombie feet, ape10s not yet written. halloween, costumes, sugar sugar sugar sugar sugar sugar sugar. pizza, trash, animals, sky, clouds, library fines, the neverending story (ahahaahaaahaaah), fruit roll ups, credit card debt, posts, money, dmv, 10 years later, the list of miragia, yoyo, string, cat food, senor cat food, freezing feet, fan turned off, fall arrived, pigeons on the porch. cockroaches, taco bell, ten dollar bills and twenty questions. cereal, life, normalcy, school, red hatsand purple outfits, aging. crying. thinking.



Amy said...

I hope REM doesn't sue! That was awesome!

Soupytwist said...

If you sing it to the tune - it almost works.

Simon said...

I'm with you on the cereal. I am so hungry right now.

Things will pick up, man. They always, always do.