Thursday, October 28, 2004

Millennial chicken! And Harry Potter.

Two nights back, the Steph made a chicken for dinner. It was super freaking yummy.
No, it was SUPER FREAKING YUMMY! I reported to Amy that it was "the best chicken I had had this millennium", and I stand by that report. Good good stuff.

In other news, a few days back we were at the bookstore, and I found a book that was all about the "Secrets of Harry Potter". Intrigued, I picked it up, and began to flip through the pages. Some of the stuff I read was incredibly interesting. And now I share! Fair warning, knowing this stuff may influence the readings of future books in the series. Of course, this is also stuff that some of you may already know - if you think about things long enough, you'd figure it out. So, it's not anything ultra-spoilery, but I'll be putting it in tags, just in case.

[Begin spoiler for -Harry Potter series highlight to view]In chapter 13 of each book (so far, anyway), the "villain" of the story has either first appeared, or made a cameo appearance. Um. Supposedly. I haven't checked the veracity of this claim.

Also of note - Hermione is usually right - except when she gets emotional.
Ron is usually wrong - except when he makes a joke about things. (Hee! I've noticed that one!)
And, if she (J.K. Rowling, that is) interrupts a conversation, she's hiding something important.
[end spoiler]


Jess said...

I love reading HP books, but until recently haven't given them much thought or analysis. I like these little observations, though; they're fun.

Simon said...

Mmmm... chicken. Yes please!