Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Too much!

I've got too many things to blog about!

So I'm blogging about none of them!


In completely unrelated news, I'm fooking hungry. Fooking!

Tomorrow is April 1st. In recent years I've lessened my love of this holiday. But I have something planned for this year. Nothing bad, though. Just harmless fun. Yay for April Fools Day!

My hands are cold. And I need to pee.

My wife's latest entry in her blog starts: "Man, I feel like I've been sick for 10,000 years." hee. She's totally (not) talking about Takers. Hee.

Well, how should this entry end? I'm thinking fanfare and fireworks.
Or perhaps only half that. I dunno.

I need some gum.

Matty and Becky are expecting! Wooo!!! And he explained it using Hot Pockets as an analogy. Dude. Guess we know who his favorite Ape10 character is.

The Rock? I've got nothing against him - not like that fuck Vin Diesel - but of all the movies to be remade why Walking Tall? WHY!!!????

Need food.


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