Saturday, March 06, 2004

The groove? It's in the heart.

Oh yeah.

So, the money came. And ironically (er...coincidentally, rather) that day I aired the episode of Seinfeld called "The Money". Never underestimate the power of coincidence.

Oddly, I'm not as happy about the cash as I expected to be. I'm all ...not. Who knew that money didn't equate happiness? I mean, I'm glad we got it, because, hey, it beats starving (because although starving is truly hilarious, it's only funny when it's happening to other people.), but I'm not overjoyed. In fact, I spent most of yesterday in Grumpy Old Troll mode. Bah.

Today's been better, though. I've had two cans of Pepsi. And not just regular Pepsis, either! They're 8 ounce cans!!!!

I call them....Mini-P.

They make me feel like a giant when I'm consuming them. And they're so cute! Everything should be minisized. Tiny = aesthetically pleasing, in other words, fly.

Tomorrow I'm off work! For two days! Hot damn!

I really should be working on Ape10. I hope that it doesn't end up suffering as a result of my laziness. Speaking of - I was thinking about my "Do you hate ME?" post, and I've decided to go easier on the ME folks. Writing is hard. Creating an entertaining, engaging piece of art takes a lot out of you, and to do it for as long as they did - they deserve quite a bit of slack. Season 7 still sucked major ass, though.

Speaking of writing (and of Ape10) I really do wish that that type of thing were more prevelant on blogs. Don't get me wrong, I love the diary type things that everyone does, but sometimes I get a hankering for a dose of fiction. Are there "story" blogs? It seems there should be. And it seems that some of them would incorporate pictures like Ape10 does. So where are they? Or maybe I'm actually the first one to do this type of thing. [shrug] That's me. The trendsetter. [drolleyes]

One final note - I can't seem to read anything anymore. The last book I finished was Hey Nostradamus! which was back in January. I never did finish reading The Egg Code nor The Silk Code (they were completely unrelated to each other, in case you're wondering), and while I was enjoying The Forest People, I all of a sudden ...stopped reading it. [shrug] I simply can't find any books to grab my interest any more. No wonder I quit doing the WD Book Club.

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