Sunday, March 14, 2004


I've still got to blog about that fucking funny thing relating to the cocksuckers at work, but not tonight.
Tonight - our garbage can seems to have disappeared. [eyebrow]

Also - I was thinking about homelessness, and it was bumming me out. (Not homelessness, but people's reactions to it. [tre sigh]) So, instead of talking about that, I present to you all a Random Bloq!!

For those new to the P@rix, a bloq is a Bunch of Questions asked in a blog (mine). What does the "L" stand for? 'L if I know!
Anywhat - I type up a few questions (html template included! How sweet of me!) and you cut and paste the questions (they'll be in red text) into your blog and answer them there. Do not answer in the commenting box! The answers won't all fit, for one, and for two, by answering in your blog, it gives me a reason to go visit you. Win win, folks! You can, of course, use the commenting box to tell me that you've answered it. [up]

Away we go....

<b>Aren't dollar stores just the shizz-nit?</b>

<b>What three words best describe you?</b>

<b>What would a Ph.D. do fo-r your care-r?</b>

<b>If a book were being written about your life, what would the chapter you are currently in be called?</b>

<b>Bob Dylan said everyone must get stoned - but why?</b>

<b>Don't you hate that?</b>

<b>How can they possibly expect you to go to work on a day like today?</b>

<b>If you could change the color of your eyes, your hair, or your skin at will - what would you alter your appearance to?</b>

<b>Pick a movie or a book or a television series that you know fairly well - now, what character would you like to see <i>their</i> point of view from?</b> <font size=1>(eg, Harry Potter from Draco's perspective, or Snow White as strictly told by Sneezy, etc)</font size>

<b>What song do you currently have in your head?</b>

<b>What have you learned today?</b>

<b>I love the sound of a Pepsi can opening. Also, certain sirens are cool. What sounds do you find appealing?</b>

<b>If you could visit 83 years in the past, or 83 years in the future, (for one week, with no time paradoxes resulting) which would you choose and why? </b>

and finally...

<b>Invent a new word right now....please?</b>

You like how I turned that last one into a question? Pretty cool, huh? Okay. There ya go. Don't forget, if you answer the bloq, let me know!

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