Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Nowhere Man

I'm my way of the brain is yareh.


Also, my nose hurts.

Maybe later, I all actually post the thing I was going to post about when I frist started to want to type this up. Maybe.

Remember wahile back when I made a post that was on that Buffyboard that was about Dr. Seuss, and I misspelled his name? Guess what! So did our news department today! (Today is his 100th birthday) So I

Supposedly, the rain will stop, and the nice weather will be back by the weekend. Thank Gord. (Heee. Gord.)

IT's been a while since I've been sick, so I'd forgotten how much it sucks. A lot, is the amount, in case you're curious.

Gord, I 've got just over a week to type up the next Ape10, and I've not even started. Not a problem, so along as I feel better before then. Get to work, anti-bodies!! Get to work!!

IN conclusion, SHamalamadingdong.

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