Monday, February 02, 2004

Ape10 episode 2½:
The Groundhog Day Special

Winter had come to Azwood, and a bitter cold front had seized the city.

" It's freezing!" Ape10 complained.

"Mehhhhh." Zombielyn mehhed.

"That's easy for you to say," said Spark. "You're dead already. But it is cold. I mean, I can see my breath. And I'm a robot!"

Just then, a groundhog scampered into Ape10's park. It stood up and said, "I need your help."

Ape10 looked at the rodent and said, "Wow! Punxsutawney Phil! Is that you?"

The groundhog looked offended and said, "Pfft. Punxsutawney Phil! That fraud? Just because he got himself a Hollywood agent, everyone thinks he's the only groundhog that can foresee the future. No, I'm not Phil. I'm Azwood Al. And I can predict the future with the best of them. Or at least, I could up until a week ago. That's why I need you.

You see, about a week back, a young child swiped my shadow. Without a shadow, I can't accurately predict the end of winter. Groundhog Day is tomorrow, but if someone doesn't do something, I'm afraid Groundhog Day will have to be cancelled."

Spark gasped. "That child! That's probably the same kid from the first episode!"

"I assumed the same thing, Spark. It appears that we have another nemesis to contend with. And if this youngster is evil enough to ruin Groundhog Day, I fear that this enemy will make Bluebush look like ...well, child's play.
But right now we must try to help Al. Don't worry, Al. You're in good hands."

Just then, Azwood Al shrieked.

Ape10 and Spark turned just in time to see Zombielyn eating Al's brain.

Zombielyn smiled sheepishly, and said, "Gruhhhhh."

Ape10 sighed and said, "Well. Now we have to find a way to really fix Groundhog Day."

Spark said, "I believe I have an idea."


"Did it work?" Ape10 asked.

"Like a charm." Spark smiled. " The puppet was flawless. Nobody knew that I was the actual groundhog today. Plus, I made sure that winter will be ending soon."

"That's wonderful!" Ape10 said. "And the other part of the plan?"

"Dr. Setumei said that he would be able to clone a new groundhog from Al's remains. He added that he would make sure that he turned on the Shadow Gene, so future Groundhog Days will be safe once more." Spark concluded happily.

Ape10 smiled and said, "It seems that the Groundhog Day spirit can't be stolen, no matter how hard our enemies may try to stop it. Because the true meaning of Groundhog Day is within all of us."

"Guuuhhhgg!!" Zombielyn said.

Happy Groundhog Day from everyone at Ape10!!

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