Thursday, February 12, 2004

UTP@ Returns!

My thoughts are mostly oatmealish right now. The word "FUCK!" seems to be ...something, like it is in oatmeal so often. FUCK. Heeee.e hee!

ude, there's some kind of giant lizard on teh TV. Iguana. That's the word. I am teh Iguana King! I can do anything!

ANd now that guy is looking at lizard piss. Fucking hell, that's kind of funny. Also - did you know that you caould say "Dick" on TV? Becuase they did on Angel last night. Oh. That was as poiler. Um. Ignoree that, if you didn't know.

I have stuff to say, but I'm so not ...whatever that word do it firight now. But it was about how my parents are moving, and about someon at work, (which I am now at), and about something elese but motehrer fuck, I'm tired.


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