Sunday, February 22, 2004

Here's a truck stop, instead of St. Peter's

From the "Man, there really is something wrong with me" file - The top story on AOL is about how George Bush's dog died today. My reaction was laughter.

Laughter was also my initial reaction to finding out that Laura Bush killed someone in a car accident years ago. (On a side note- why is this not a wider known story?? I heard about it from someone at work, and thought she was joking...)

It seems that laughing is something I do whenever the Bushes and death are connected...

Today at work, we had some story about the Las Vegas section of Of course, being our news, we got it as wrong as we possibly could. First, we were calling it, rather than .org, and second, we put up a graphic that had it cited (hee! pun!) as "" - note the lack of "s".

Well, to prove my point, I fired up the ol' Internet Explorer at work, and went to

Guess what! It's porn!

And not just porn, but it's the type of site that when you close the window, about 45 other porn windows open up. Wheee! For the record, I let the director know about the error, and the 10 o'clock news cast had the correct site address in the graphic.

What else? Um. My hair is big. You all should worship me.

OH! I'm working on a future post! In fact, I've begun it, and have the date set. (May 24th, 2004. 3pm.) It's gonna be Big. Wonderfully Big, one might say. Or, Wonderfully Boring, maybe.

And, speaking of upcoming posts, the next Ape10 episode started to actually form itself in my mind today. Thankfully.

It's nice to have tomorrow and the next day off, but I wish the weather were more ...something. I've had enough of winter for now, thank you.

Lastly, Donkey Kong on the gameboy is frustrating as hell. Why can't the princess rescue her own damn self for a change? [mad]

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