Monday, June 19, 2006

Lindsay Wagner is not Lynda Carter

Random thoughts:

If we really want to win the "war on terruh", we should give all of the "terrorists" toddlers. They'd never be able to accomplish anything, because every two minutes, they'd be getting up to stop the young 'un from eating chalk, or calling long distance on the cell phone, or getting into the cat food.

It is ungodly hot. So, you know, I figure today would be a good day to wear long sleeves. (Although to be fair, it is a good shirt.)

KFBT is dead! Long live KFBT! (The call letters for both stations have officially changed as of today. KFBT is now KVCW and KVWB is hereby known as KVMY.)

Irina is the cutest person on the planet. She also is magic. Really.

Lickorish's kittens are taking a rather long time to arrive. Deceptors, maybe?

The heat, I think, helps kill any inspiration for writing that I may have had. Er, for writing fiction that is. Obviously, I can write ...whatever the above would be classified as.

Water is overrated. No. I mean UNDER rated. Vastly, vastly underrated.

That Treasure Hunters show was nonsense, but enjoyable nonsense.

Dude. Harper will be six in a matter of weeks. Six!

I requested Saren's birthday off today. I did not request, but thought aboot doing so, the 5th, 6th, and 7th (I think) of September. I think we might have to just forego the unschooling conference of '06 altogether, and shoot for next year. Bummer.


Amy said...

But it's a dry heat, right?

I'm sorry. I'm only saying that because I didn't have air conditioning at work today. Or at home. Or ... generally anywhere.

I am willing to believe that all your child are magic and would very much like to hear corroborating evidence.

Also, are you breeding cats for profit now? ... If you're not, maybe you should think about it.

Amy said...

... "all your child"?


P@ said...

All your child are belong to us.