Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hinglostic days

Hinglostic is not a real word. Except that I have now used it. Twice. But I don't have a definition, really. So, you know, if you went to google it, you'd end up back here, and not be any better off than you originally were.

Eh. Random time.

It's so hot that even Pepsi isn't cutting it. And it's gonna get hotter.

"Has Been" by Willaim Shatner is kinda so-so. I liked about half the songs, and I felt weird about liking them. "What Have You Done?" gave me goosebumps.

The MOHAWK is almost done, and I've survived. It hasn't been all that bad, either.

We're getting ready to go to the library. Give me suggestions! (Note: Suggestions will arrive too late to make a difference, really, so make them post-hypnotic.) I'm thinking of getting some William Sleaton (I think). I'll letchyall know what we get.

I keep waiting for the internet to be interesting again, and it keeps letting me down. Way to disappoint, world wide web!

I caught bits and pieces of the original Battlestar Galattaca the other day, and I can't even be bothered to finish my thought. I enjoyed it in a cheesy type of way. I hear the updated version is all dark and intense. Maybe we should rent both from Netflix.

Speaking of Netflix, we watched Cellular last night. Which was totally cheesy and not very logical and rather not good at all. Perfect summer movie!

And while I was pretty meh toward Superman Returns at first, during the past couple of days I've started to want to see it. That being despite the stupid internet rumblings about how "Superman is teh gay!" and "Superman is a Christ figure!" and "Superman is a gay Christ figure!"

Eh. I don't have a way to conclude this entry, and we have a lot to do (before lunch) so I'll just click the big orange "publish post" button now.


P@ said...

Oh. I know. To help make the internet more entertaining (to me), everyone should start using "hinglostic". I'll google it periodically and see where it ends up. It'll be like an interactive internet game! How very hinglostic!

Amy said...

It is a terrifically cromulent word that is sure to embiggen the interweb.

Amanda said...

Around here, it's all "Superman is from Iowa!" The Iowa thing has completely higlosticated the gay Christ thing.

CosmicAvatar said...

I keep on trying to watch Battlestar Galactica (the current series and lose interest, stop watching, then come back several eps later and find it really good, then lose interest again...

CosmicAvatar said..., my sporadic viewing of said show is totally hinglostic, man.


P@ said...

Superman is from Iowa? I thought he hailed from Kansas.

Or, actually, from Krypton, but I thought the Kents raised him in Kansas. Have they changed the story for the movie?

Simon said...

Superman is a gay Christ figure with a kiss curl! The rumours start here.

Amanda said...

Brandon Rousch is from Iowa.

Soupytwist said...

I can't wait for Superman! I will probably see it on Thursday!

I'm sure it will be a completely hinglostic experience!