Thursday, June 01, 2006


That's what year it will be "When I'm 64."

(We're on a Beatles listening kick of late. And, man, that song is just so... good.)

Random entry this time.

I'm not UTP@, but I am worn out. The month of June at work is going to be referred to as MOHAWK. Month Of Hell At WorK. Just so's ya know. MOHAWK. Because acronyms are UNDERBELLY*.

What was I going to say? I don't remember. Oh. Remember how the regular TV season is all done, and so I thought, "Great, no more tv watching!"? Well, CBS went and suckered me in with their "Game Show Marathon". Ricki Lake hosting The Price Is Right and Let's Make A Deal and Press Your Luck as C grade celebrities (and Leslie Nielsen) play??? Dude. That has "watchable train wreck" written all over it!

Now, I must cut this entry short, because we are all hungry, hungry hippos (or ravenous, ravenous rhinos), but I have more to say, so i might be back tonight.

*Doesn't officially stand for anything. I just asked Steph for a random word at that point in the entry.


Simon said...

Universally Noticed Dreadful Epithets Really Badly Educated Lads Like - Yes.

I clearly need some form of morning pick-me-up.

Amy said...

Sir Paul McCartney is 64. ... In 16 days.

I wonder if anyone on, like, radio stations will ... make note of this.

P@ said...

Oh, they will. If there is any justice in the world, they will.