Monday, May 03, 2004

The world is large.

Stephanie moved the world map into the living room, where we have placed all our postcards around it, and put stickers on the places we've received postcards from. Man, that sentence was unweildy. Unwieldy? Gah. Why do I keep saying things I don't know if I mean?

Anywhat, not much to blog about. We went to the library yesterday, and I checked out My Story by Marilyn Monroe. Research! I also got the 2-disc Oingo Boingo Anthology CD. ...Except that it only has one disc. Doh.
But it was quite fun to dance around in the living room today. The girls had a fun time too. I think Stephanie was simply glad that nobody else was able to see it. (My dancing is ...something else.)

I'm nearly done reading The Culture of Make Believe. I wish I had something else in store to read once I'm finished. Nothing really seems to grab me anymore.

Ooh! Email!

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