Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Mischief managed.

[Being spoiler for -Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban highlight to view]
Actually, I'm too tired to write a review that involves spoilers.
[end spoiler]

It boils down to this.

It was an enjoyable enough movie, but as is true 99% of the time in cases like this one, the book is much much more worthwhile. There are far too many things left out, or not explained well enough (unless you've read the book) to satisfy completely.

Not to say that it's a bad movie. It's worth the zero dollars that we paid, after all. And I would even say that if we'd spent 15 bucks that that would've been worth it. But overall, that 15 bucks could be better spent on the book, or waiting until it comes out on DVD. (Wherein it had better have some deleted scenes!)
Oh, all right, I'll spoiler the thing that they omitted that irked me so badly.

[Being spoiler for -HP&tPoA - contains spoilers for both the movie and the book highlight to view]
The Quidditch tournament where Draco and his goonies dress up as a Dementor to cause Harry to faint, and he uses the Patronus on them. That scene isn't in the movie.
I have been wanting to see that particular scene on film pretty much since I read it. And they leave it out! Sickening.

Other faults (it's late, an I'm in a bitchy mood):
Not enough Crookshanks.
Not enough Snape.
Where was Ginny??
Draco is whining and weak pretty much everytime we see him.
Not enough of the Black Dog.

They did have good things, though. Things which I enjoyed/felt they got spot on:
The Dementors. Creepy!
Buckbeak. Probably the best scene in the movie is when Harry rides Buckbeak for the first time.
Hermione's time travelling.
The overall feel of Hogwarts. I can't really explain it, but when you see the movie, you'll know what I mean. It felt like you're there.

Also, it turns out that a soul? It's actually just a breath mint inside you.
[end spoiler]

Overall, I'm glad we saw it, but more glad that I've read the book. At least the book doesn't leave out the good parts. [wink]

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