Saturday, May 27, 2006

Random Rules

There is a feature at the AV (a feature of The Onion) entitled "Random Rules" where they have famous people put their MP3 players on random, and then just talk about the first few songs that come up - no matter how embarrassing the tunes might be.

I first heard about this from this post at metafilter, and in the comments on that one, the "mefites" opted to talk about the first 5 songs on their lists.

I figured, hey, that seems like it might result in some entertaining blog entries, and so, here it is.


I've got a twist to it.
I will only be typing about the songs - for the length that they are running. If the song ends and I'm typing midsentence, well, that's just tough luck.

So, to reiterate, here are the "rules" such as they are:

1. Put your music player on "random" or "shuffle" or whatever plays them in no order.
2. Talk about the first 5 (or more) songs that come up, no skipping allowed. The "discussion" can be whatever you want - how you first discovered the song, memories it induces, what you are planning on having for dinner...whatever you want.
3. When the song ends, so does the talking. You dont' have to type the entire length of the song, but you can not keep discussing that song once it is finished.

And with that, I'm gonna do mine:

Song #1 - "It Don't Mean Nothing" by Quasi.

This is a very catchy little tune, that I think may have been used in car commercials. It totally sounds like it could be. We were introduced to Quasi by Steph's superrad brother, who is way into lots of alternative bands.
Lyrically, this song "don't mean nothing to me" (heh.) I mean, it's very very simple. But it's really quite rocking.

Song #2 - "Piggy" by Nine Inch Nails.

Oh, man. I remeber when NIN was my favorite band. I saw them perform live..twice? I think. And I've touched Trent Reznor's fingertips. Brush with greatness!
Now, though, maybe because I've aged, or maybe because the songs haven't...I'm just not as into them as I was. This album is still quite enjoyable, but I can't embrace the nihilistic attitude of "nothing can stop me now, cuz I don't care anymore" as I used to.
But, back in 94, when Downward Spiral came out, it was the shizzit.
(I've run out of things to say about this, and I still have a full mintue left to talk about it! Oh well. Next!!)

Song #3 - "My Generation" by The Who

YAY!! Man, this song rocks. Even Danny Tanner couldn't do a bad rendetion of it. (Remember when he sang this on Full House? Yep. I'm old. And lame.)
I wonder who else has done covers of this song. It really should be done every fifteen years or so.
And the question of "Why don't you all f-f-f-fade away?" always reminds me of the Buffyboard and when I asked that in a boq and answered that that was what Tara said in "Family". It's weird what connections brains make with songs, no?
Also, the line, "Hope I die before I get old" always makes me think about how the members of The Who are old now. Or, could be considered old, and I wonder if they ever remember/think about this song and regret living as long as they have. I doubt it.

Song #4 - "Interlude (Milo)" by Modest Mouse

Instrumental. And pretty short. But I like it. This whole album ("Good News For People Who Love Bad News") is awesome. I highly recommend it.
Oh yeah. This song has the baby gurgling in the back ground, which always used to make me t

Song #5 - "Fred Jones, Part 2" by Ben Folds

Oh, man. Out of all the depressing songs on Rocking the Suburbs I end up on the one that really bums me out the most. This is about a man who is being forced to retire ( think) and just how the company he worked for for most of his life just doesn't give a crap. They used him, they're done with him, and they'll move on, and he won't. Really sad.
I think it might be about his father, which makes it a tiny bit more personal.

Hmm. Well, that wasn't really as entertaining as I had hoped it would be. The extra pressure of the time restraint made it more typo inducing than anything, and, oddly, a lot of songs, I just don't have that much to talk about.
(Song #6, which just kicked on, is "Father Christmas" by The Kinks - YAY!)
However, if anyone else wants to do their own version of "Random Rules", I'd look forward to reading it.


Amanda said...

I was just thinking about covers yesterday, that it would be neat to know who did covers of what. Then I thought that they should have something like the imdb for music. Entries for songs, entries for bands, etc. That would be awesome.

Stephanie said...

Here's a blog about covers.

The end.