Monday, May 01, 2006

2006 mileage update

January - 730
February - 1357.8
March - 872.4
April - 1056.9

Total this year to date: 4017.1

So. I know it's only May (!!) but, anyone want to take a guess at what the total amount of miles driven by the end of the year will be?


Simon said...

My guess is: 12121.

Amanda said...


Will there be prizes?

P@ said...

Yes. Yes, I will give some sort of prize to whomever guesses the closest to the actual mileage (without going over). What that prize will be remains to be seen.

As for my guess - Um. Let's say... 13,756.

Amy said...

Man, you're lucku you're offering prize! Because goodness knows I find no enjoyment in this sort of thing otherwise.