Thursday, May 11, 2006

Cars are teh suck

They really really are.

That being said, we need a new one.
Or, no, not a new one.
And not a car. A minivan. Or [shudder] an SUV.
Or a RV!!

Barring all that, we could just go back to horses and buggies.


Simon said...

Horses would be awesome.

They don't need gas!

CosmicAvatar said...

Much as I'd love to second Simon's motion, horses may not need gas, but they need grass. Plus oats, stabling, a field to move around in, vet maintenance, grooming, exercise.

I wish I had the time and money to afford one. *sob*

So, back to the vehicular option. In terms of reliability, I can only say: Go Japanese. (Preferably Toyota.) Best of luck, dude.

Kirk said...

I dissent.

A car will do, not an SUV (please?)

As one of three kids growing up myself, I can attest that a car will do. One need not succumb to the evil.

Editorializing over.

Amy said...

I hope that you find a car that is accept both financially and morally. Hee.

Also, now I get mildly depressed every time I think of RVs. Thanks, Robin Williams.