Friday, December 05, 2008

Where did I put that well written, interesting blog post?

I had it here a minute ago.

Oh well.

Here's an idea I had for bank security. Rather than having a silent alarm button for the tellers to push, they should have some sort of audio system, wherein the teller (or a manager, or any employee) says a codeword that activates the alarm system and/or alerts the police. The computer could be voice activated and set to only recognize the voice(s) of employee(s), and the codeword itself could be something that wouldn't be normally said. "Pineapple" or "Saccharine", for example. Of course, how would they explain saying that aloud without alerting the would-be robbers?
So, I guess it's not a perfect system, but, hey, I just thought of it today.


CosmicAvatar said...

But I say "Pineapple" all the time! It must be some kind of tic.

Amy said...

It should be something like "Kuala Lumpur" or "Woozlewuzzle" or something.

Simon said...

So there's time to work on it, right? Good stuff. In a similar vein, I once thought of having removable steering wheels as an anti-theft thing for cars.