Sunday, December 07, 2008


I read Daniel Wallace's Mr Sebastian and the Negro Magician [257/know]. Steph had read it before, and had enjoyed it while reading it, but warned me that she hated the ending.
I had a similar experience. For the majority of the novel, I was under the spell of the story(ies) of Henry Walker, Negro Magician, and his encounters with the Devil (one Mr. Sebastian). Each chapter was another section of Henry's life, as told by a different character. Having all these differing points of view made getting at the "truth" of Henry's life a mystery, much like life itself. Everyone has their own perspectives and nobody really has the full story.
I didn't hate the ending, but I did feel that it sizzled out and was just simply... there. Again, I guess, somewhat like life. There is no real resolution, and you're left wanting more than you've gotten.
But Daniel Wallace (who also wrote Big Fish - which I've seen in movie form, but have not read) is obviously a great writer and adept storyteller, so I'd recommend this easily.

Two W cds, both remarkable! Hooray!
Brain Thrust Mastery by We Are Scientists is their second album (i've heard [and enjoyed] the first already) and I think they keep getting better. This was just a great album.
And, of course I've heard of The White Stripes before, and I knew I liked the singles on the radio I've heard (except for Icky Thump, which continues to be a horrible song), but I wasn't sure if they'd withstand the test of an entire album. So I picked up Get Behind Me Satan, and was happy to find that they freaking ROCK. So much goodness. This album certainly makes up for Icky Thump.

I watched Westworld, and practically the entire time watching it was thinking, "Man, I'm amazed this hasn't been remade already. It's ideal for a remake!" After it was over, I saw on IMDB that it is being remade next year. I don't know whether to feel vindicated, or just sad. On the bright side, it appears that Michael Crichton was the one who helped write the remake (he wrote and directed the original) so ...maybe it won't suck?
The '73 version was enjoyable enough, for what it was. I almost felt that a better movie might have been seeing Peter Benjamin's character dealing with the aftermath of Westworld's meltdown. Also, due to being a 21st century (digital boy [heh]) movie-viewer, I kept expecting some "twist" - perhaps Josh Brolin to have been a robot all along. ...and hopefully I didn't just give the makers of the remake any ideas. Because, seriously, that would be crap.


Amy said...

Oh, man, have we talked about the fact that Michael Crichton is totally dead?

Anonymous said...

More intersting, Amy, is finding out Michael Crichton was freaking six foot eight. He could totally dunk on Hemingway's ass.
P@, I thought Westworld was awesome. Yul Brynner wears EXACTLY THE SAME OUTFIT he wore in The Magnificent Seven. Also, you mean James Brolin, dude, not Josh. Has the world forgotton Capricorn One?


Amy said...

Wait ... seriously?

P@ said...

I've...not seen Magnificent Seven. However, Yul was pretty damn awesome in Westworld. So, I might have to give it a shot one of these days.