Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Less consumerism? I'd buy that.

For a dollar.

I was meaning to make my " 2009 prediction" post tonight, but then we went grocery shopping and then it got all late, and I got tired, and it's really something that is going to require me having more energy than I do now. Next time? Mayhaps.

Bizarre question of the moment: What mythological/fictional creature do you think tastes best? I'd go with either Griffin, or Mermaid. Depending on whether I wanted chicken or fish.

Tomorrow the Steph & I are going to drop the kids off at Steph's mom's house and go out for dinner (and perhaps a movie). But is there even anything out in the theaters to go see? I've heard really good things about a certain vampire movie, but I don't think Steph wants to see it. If we can't decide/find something to see, we'll probably simply pick up Iron Man from a Redbox location and watch that at home. Such exciting lives we lead!


Amy said...

I think Griffin might be kind of gamey.

I think Hydra sushi would probably be pretty awesome. And I bet hippocampus would be pretty interesting.

I hope you and the Steph have a nice date!

Amy said...

Also, here's a hilarious condensed version of some vampire movie:


DropEdge said...

I think leprechauns would be magically delicious.