Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The framework farms in the mystery

Random! (I constantly type an "e" at the end that word. Ran dome!! As in, "Tina Turner ran the [Thunder]Dome."

I must be strong. Dean Koontz has a new novel out. It's called, "Your Heart Belongs to Me" (How does he know!??), and I've already caved and read the jacket to see what it's about. Rich Internet Guru Guy has some medical condition and needs a heart transplant. He gets it. One year later, he begins to receive anonymous presents in the mail - all heart shaped or related. Eventually he gets a video of a heart surgery along with the message, "Your Heart Belongs to Me", and supposedly they're all coming from the woman who donated the organ.
It...sounds intriguing, I must admit. But I have to stay away. I know I'll be disappointed if I read it.

I've got a brilliant idea for the end of the year's post(s).

We received our first Xmas card of the season. It came from my parents, and also contained a check! So beneficial. Since things are extremely tight right now, the money is truly a blessing.

Speaking of Xmas cards...I don't think we're sending any out this year. Things really *are* that tight. Stamps are a luxury. Even with the 'bailout' from my folks, I just don't think we can afford to send out a bunch of holiday greetings. Sorry, everyone!

I kinda want to see The Day The Earth Stood Still. (The remake) Although I've never seen the original. But! The original is on Netflix for me to watch if I so choose. Has anyone seen that movie and have any input?

So, movies are remade all the time. Occasionally tv shows get reimagined and thus, remade as well. Songs are covered from time to time. But... why aren't entire albums remade? I don't know that it would go over very well, but it's an interesting idea that, if done with the right band(s) might be pretty cool.

Oh, man. There are only 4 weeks left in the year, and then 3 weeks until Lost returns.

Well, Pushing Daisies is on. Hooray!


Anonymous said...

Dude, how can you grow up anywhere in the U.S. with a T.V. and not have seen The Day the Earth Stood Still? I swear it came on at least once a month thru my entire youth. Almost as often as Jason & the Argonauts or The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. I'm sure I've seen it at least six times.

Anyway. First thing, it has one of the best film scores of all time, by Bernard Herrmann. Eerie as all get out, really sets an ominous mood. It's a good movie, though it does contain alot of the '50s sci-fi movie standbys, most particularly a preachy warning against military technology run amuck (meaning: the atom bomb). Michael Rennie is very good as the alien (they wanted Claude Rains, couldn't get him). Patricia Neal is wasted as the female lead. Oh, and Gort the alien robot is played by a 7-foot tall Hollywood doorman who hadn't acted before (well, he didn't need to act; Gort mostly just stands there and doesn't talk).

Klaatu Birada Nikto!


Annika said...

I've heard of several cases where an entire album is covered in concert, but none where it was recorded. Maybe something to do with the cost to buy the rights? Who knows. (Well, I'm sure someone does, it's just not me.)

Simon said...

Hooray for Pushing Daisies indeed!