Saturday, June 06, 2009

1 year, 1 week, and 1 day

Years ago, I heard the song "My Chinchilla" by the band Cub. (here's the video!)

Anyway. After hearing that, first I was all, "What the hell is a chinchilla?" Then, after finding out what they are, I decided, I WANT ONE!

So. About five years ago, we were at a pet store, and we passed the chinchilla cages, and Steph (jokingly?) said that she would get me a chinchilla for my 35th birthday.
I've reminded her of this promise off and on for the past five years, although now she is saying that it was a joke, and that she won't be getting me the cutest pet in the world next year.
I have one year, one week, and one day to wear her down. Oh, and to come up with a name.

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Amy said...

True story:

My cousin Denise got a whole bunch of chinchillas, and decided that she liked them so much she wanted to breed them. But then they started dying and she spent a lot of money at the vet because, apparently, you have to take care of them like a real pet, even though they're small. I KNOW!