Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Okay, I know what I'm requesting for Xmas.


Lots and lots of sleep.

I know I won't get it, but, oh. your. god. I am exhasusted right now, and nothing sounds nicer than just not having to get up in 7 hours.

I'm not really complaining 9well, I guess I kinda am, but I don't mean to sound that way) because today was an okay day. Well, okay night. The day was ...there. Simultaneously too much to do and too little. It's hard to explain unless you're me. And even then.

Anyway. I had somethings I wanted to bloga bout and now i'm all UTP@ [because we went to Steh's mom's house for dinner, which was made the night, and also why I'm up past my bedtime. heh.] so now i'm forgetting waht I wanted to blog about.

Oh. It was new years resoltuions I thought about cmmiting to earlier today. Basically that I'd go back to working onm y writing(sS) and that I 'd go back to [and finish] The Project (which [supersigh] I haven't even *looked* at in over a year). But the thing is, I don't *do* new years resooultions anymore, because the thing is - if you're really going to change, why wait until the arbitrary date of the new year? Just freaking *do* it. Ya know? But these are sorta/kinda different (he lied to himself to justify more procrastinations) in that I'm saying that I just want to have done something by the end of 09, not that i have to immediately start on jan. 1. I could conceivably start on either (ro both) 'resolutions' tomorrow, if i wanted.

The other thnig: ...no. I've lost it again. Doh.

I ihink i'll just hit publish post now, and go to bed. Next time i blog, it'll be Xmas Day!

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Simon said...

Sleep well, brave pendulum. Sleep well.